27 Weeks Pregnant

You’re in the last week of your second trimester. The annoying symptoms you’ve been having aren’t likely to go away anytime soon, but at least you’ve probably found some ways to deal with them. New pregnancy related symptoms may arise from now on, including muscle cramps in your legs and an aching back from all the strain your uterus is putting on your muscles. Your growing uterus also puts pressure on your lower chest area, so you may experience chest pains and/or shortness of breath. This is normal. However you should discuss any concerns you may have with your healthcare practitioner. You may also experience swelling in your face, neck, hands, feet, ankles and legs. Try resting on your left side and relaxing as much as possible to help cope with this common pregnancy related symptom.

The most common 27 weeks pregnant symptoms are:

  1. Leg cramps Keep stretching those legs, flexing your feet can help—and drinking lots of water to prevent these ouchies.
  2. Backaches Gentle stretching can help your back, too. Consider sleeping with one of those huge body pillows, which can ease some of the pressure on your hips and help you get into a comfy position for your back.
  3. Constipation If you’re stopped up and you’ve done all the usual prevention—eaten lots of fibrous foods, drank lots of water, and taken plenty of walks—ask your doctor if a fiber supplement or stool softener is safe to take.
  4. Hemorrhoids Straining to go to the bathroom and all the pressure baby’s putting on your lower half can cause this not-so-pretty 27 weeks pregnancy symptom.
  5. Skin, hair, and nail changes Notch this one into the unpredictable pregnancy symptom category. Your skin, hair, and nails might be thicker or grow faster (yay!) but they might also be more brittle (boo).
  6. Snissing This is what we call peeing when you sneeze. Baby is putting a ton of pressure on your bladder and there’s not much you can do about it except take frequent pit stops to empty your bladder and maybe wear a pantiliner if you’re worried about an unexpected achoo.

Women who are 27 weeks pregnant with twins are vulnerable to preterm labor, so if you notice any pregnancy symptoms that are out of the ordinary—such as bleeding, watery discharge, abdominal pains, or consistent, repeated contractions, tell your OB right away.

Development of Baby

At 27 weeks pregnant, baby is as big as a head of lettuce. The average 27-week fetus measures 14.4 inches (27 cm) and weighs 1.9 pounds (862 grams). But baby’s not just getting bigger … he or she is also getting smarter.

Your baby is now opening and closing her eyes in the womb, waking from sleep at regular intervals.

Her brain is very active now, with more brain tissue developing.

Your baby’s lungs are almost fully developed. If your baby had to be born she would be able to breathe with the help of a ventilator.

Baby’s showing brain activity. From here on out, baby’s brain will keep getting more complex, turning that 27-week fetus into a real smarty pants.

You may be feeling slight flutters as your baby hiccups. This is perfectly normal.


Healthy weight gain at 27 weeks pregnant is around 15 to 30 pounds. If you’ve gained more quickly than recommended two or more pounds per week, your OB may tell you to slow it down a bit. Sounds hard, but she can give you some tips on keeping the weight gain under control. By sticking to pregnancy weight gain recommendations, you’re reducing your risk of pregnancy complications and preterm labor. You’re also making your third trimester a little easier by not having extra pounds to carry around town with you.

If you’re 27 weeks pregnant with twin baby, you have probably gained more weight … about 29 to 44 pounds. Still, your twins are growing and developing at about the same rate as singleton babies do … though one baby is probably a bit smaller than the other.

You are probably feeling a ton of kicks inside that 27 weeks pregnant belly … twice as many if you are 27 weeks pregnant with twins. You may even feel tiny hiccups, which are like patterns of little twitches. For now, sit back and enjoy the kicks and jabs. Next week, you should start counting kicks to make sure baby seems consistently active from day to day.

If your pregnancy has been uncomplicated so far, you probably won’t have a prenatal appointment or a 27 weeks pregnant ultrasound. Starting next week though, you’ll visit the doctor twice a month … or every two weeks. Maybe grab some magazines or download some new apps to make those future waiting room visits more enjoyable.

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